Sunday, May 11, 2008

olive tree bistro?

olive tree bistro?, originally uploaded by Matt Westervelt.

Wow. After more than a year of sitting empty, with a "Business Opportunity" sign, Coco La Ti Da's empty space at the Loveless looks like it's finally getting filled. Olive Tree Bistro LLC has put in their application for a liquor license.

It looks like the applicants (thanks for the pointer seadevi!) are Chef Philippe Thomelin and his wife Toni, who run Olive Tree Catering. Philippe also fills in time to time at Rovers and Voila Bistro. Just by digging through the Olive Tree Catering site, I would assume the cuisine will be spanish inspired, french, and spendy. Maybe not a weekly standby, but if they last longer than coco, it might be a nice place for special occasions. Certainly cut down on the cab fare ;)

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