Saturday, March 15, 2008


Anonymous, originally uploaded by Matt Westervelt.

Today is L Ron Hubbard's birthday. I'm not sure if it's a Scientologist holiday or anything, but it's when Anonymous gets together to remind the Church that they're after them. Anonymous, a loose organization of people from The Internet, has put Scientology on Notice.

I heard about the protest in February, but I didn't make it down to get any pictures. This time, I decided I had to check it out. WikiNews was also there, and did a much better job of reporting the worldwide event.

The few people that I talked to assured me that they were not actually against Scientology as a religion, but had a beef with the management. A man who was part of the church for 30 years, told me that he believed in the ideals of the religion, but did not like the tactics of the organization, and that it "hunted down" people leaving the church. I didn't see any hunters, but I did notice a large amount of IR CCTV in their parking lot. As far as "Church" goes, it's got to be one of the jankier buildings in town, and it's right on Aurora. They're definitely not spending their money on architecture or real estate.

While I was there, a couple of people showed up and went in the building. They were shouted at, told to Google some terms, visit, and outed as Scientologists. I was accused of being one as well ( I didn't wear a mask, and was apparently on the wrong side of the parking strip at one point on my bike ), but once I explained that I too was from The Internet, and not working press, they relaxed a little.

I have to say, it was definitely lulz, and I'm looking forward to taking pictures of the next one. Speaking of which, here's the flickr set.


Patrick said...

Darn, wish I knew about this in advance. I would have loved to take photos there.
You got some good photos though.

krysty said...

I am a Scientologist, and have been for about 7 years. I am not stupid or brainwashed. In fact, during that time my IQ has only increased. I am not rich and have not been made to spend any money that I did not wish to (not very much BTW). I have, however, like many Scientologists, become more prosperous as a result of applying Scientology to my life. I am a staff member at a local Scientology church and I oversee all their financial matters. I know for a fact that no one there (or in any other Scientology church for that matter) is profiting - not by any stretch of the imagination. We would not be able to be categorized as a non-profit organization if anyone was personally profiting. Our legal records are highly scrutinized on a regular basis to make sure of it. We are required to submit detailed records of our income in compliance with government law. Sometimes where I work the staff does not even get paid because we, like any other church or organization, have to cover expenses like rent, utilities, phone, etc. Many of us have other jobs as well, plus we study, get trained, volunteer, and have families on top of it all. We are a nationally and internationally recognized BONA FIDE church and non-profit organization. I have NEVER been forced to do or believe anything. Scientology showed me how to cut through all the crap to become more of who I truly am and in fact helps "unbrainwash" people so they can think for themselves. We live in a culture that is hypnotized and dictated by the media and other outside forces. People spend their lives reacting or adapting to what is going on around them. They let themselves be controlled by life. In Scientology you can discover the fundamental truths about life, and gain the knowledge and tools to make it what YOU WANT it to be. I have discovered a lot about myself, gained a TON of certainty and self-confidence, and quit drugs and alcohol - all because I found out, and learned how to handle, the source of what caused me to have those issues in the first place. I am the happiest and most successful that I have ever been. Scientology improves conditions in every area of life and increases the abilities of the individual. Scientologists know they dont exist in a vacuum and share a deep commitment to the world around them. They are very active in their communities and the world, using Scientology technology to conquer depression, illiteracy, drug abuse, crime, human rights violations, and to bring disaster relief to those areas that need it...and the list goes on. I can almost guarantee that not a single poster previous to me has actually taken the time to read a book about Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard or to find out about the GOOD things Scientology does. That is actually one of the main rules in our Church - FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. What "they" say always is, and always will be, second-hand knowledge (opinion). These "anonymous" folks are at best, wasting their time. They have no idea what they're even protesting against! Start getting the truth about Scientology today. It changed my life 100% for the better and can do the same for you! Check out