Thursday, January 31, 2008

Late Night Eats: Taco Gringos

taco gringos, originally uploaded by Matt Westervelt.

Nearly every Wednesday, we hang out at the office late, invite folks over, and hack on things. Pretty much every week, the where-do-we-get-food conversation kicks in just as all the restaurants close, leaving us with a hungry walk home. This week however, we remembered Taco Gringos, the new hole in the wall on Olive Way. We trekked over and found out that not only are they open until 2, they're excellent eats.

The sign says two bucks gets a taco in Vegetarian, Beef, or Chorizo, but I've read on the Interwebs that fillings vary by day (one choice is always vegetarian) and that's why it is written in chalk. One more dollar gets you a bottle of fine mexican soda or a canned fanta. The tacos are indeed small but they are seriously awesome, come with a lime slice and optional salsa.

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